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The Legend of the Cottonpicker
Many years ago a young boy, Eddie Foster, discovered that selling newspapers on the street corners of New Orleans did little to his pockets.

Having smelled the delightful aromas coming from Antoines, he decided to seek employment there.  Thus began his career as a chef.  Through the years his journey took him to many notable hotels and clubs.

Many years ago he came to Burlington.  During his years in Burlington he became active in many local organizations, and because of his southern expressions and the love for the great outdoors became affectionately known as "The Cottonpicker."

All during these years his dream was to have a supper club of his own.  Finally in 1975 these dreams came to fruition, and in 1976 "The Cottonpicker" supper club became a reality as he and some friends established this business.

Bill Foster followed in his father's footsteps, working at his father's side at a young age, traveling with his father and working as a chef in notable clubs and hotels.  Helping to establish "The Cottonpicker" supper club, he joined the staff almost immediately.

Bill Foster and his family carry on the tradition of excellent food and southern hospitality on which "The Cottonpicker" was established.  They hope you will enjoy your visit and that y'all will come back soon.

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